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Play N Go has released a new slot machine, Honey Rush, with the intention of impressing us before the year ends. Play N Go’s trademark grid layout and cluster dynamics contribute to the game’s awe-inspiring and engaging atmosphere. The Rush Meter and other features make this high-variance slot game fun to play. In this Honey Rush review, we’ll check out what this slot machine has to offer.

The Honey Rush pokies have a

The honeycomb-shaped reels, which are arranged in a configuration of 4-4-5-6-7-6-5-4, are one of the game’s most distinctive features. Sunflowers, roses, cherry blossoms, and pansies are just some of the flower species that call the cells home. The sunflower is the most lucrative of these symbols, paying you x20 your wager if five appear in a row. Bronze, silver, and gold coins are more valuable and pay out 50x, 100x, and 200x your wager, respectively. The highest paying icon is the diamond.

A winning cluster consists of five consecutively appearing symbols. To win, you need to build a cluster of five or more symbols by aligning symbols of the same kind next to each other in any configuration. Once a cluster is formed and the player is paid out, the cluster disappears and the symbols on top of it fall into their places, making room for new symbols to fall into the void and the possibility of new clusters to form with the remaining symbols.

When the Worker Colony feature is activated, all of the symbols surrounding the central cell symbol will randomly change to an identical version of itself, forming a cluster that might have as many as 15 symbols.

Honey Rush triggered the Rush Gauge’s

The Honey Rush slot machine has a rush gauge. The rush meter has four stages, each of which is unlocked after a certain number of spins. When the grid is completely filled to level 1, the honey pot icon appears and begins moving from cell to cell, forming clusters until there are none left to form. At level 2, a second honey pot is unlocked and placed on the grid; at level 3, a third honey pot is unlocked and placed on the grid. Multipliers of x1, x2, and x3 can be found in the honey jars.

When the rush meter reaches its maximum, the Drone Colony function activates, making the five symbols surrounding the central cell symbol similar to form a cluster and awarding any remaining prizes.

Upon reaching level 4 on the rush meter, the Queen Colony feature becomes available, transforming at least 20 symbols into a cluster. The entire grid could be changed into a single symbol using the Queen Colony function.

Casino Bonus Game: Honey Rush

You can try out this slot for free thanks to the welcome bonuses offered by a number of casinos that will be stocking it. For Honey Rush Slot welcome bonuses, please visit the casinos listed below.

Honey Rush Slot Machine – Where to Play

Bet / win / RTP / volatility: the lowdown on Honey Rush slot machine

The high volatility of the Honey Rush slot machine may be seen in the game’s pattern of extended losing streaks followed by rushes of winning combinations. It features a return to player percentage of 96.50% and wagers ranging from £0.20 to £100 per spin. The maximum payout is x9000, which, when paired with the maximum wager, yields a wonderful £900,000 for the lucky winner.

Media from the Honey Rush slot machine

This slot has a stunning design. As if it were a honeycomb, the grid where everything is happening is suspended from the tree branches on either side. There is a dense forest in the background, and the fuzzy shapes of flying bees can be made out.

The slot’s accompanying music is soothing and fits in well with the game’s aesthetic. When you win, you’ll hear upbeat music and the clink of chips as the symbols rearrange themselves.

Our verdict on the Honey Rush slot machine

Play N Go’s latest slot game has all the makings of an instant classic. It’s an intriguing game with lots to keep slot fans entertained, and it includes quite a few innovative elements. Despite its reputation as a high-variance slot, the game’s features, design, and potential payoff make it an absolute must-play this fall.






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