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How To Get Puk Code For My Sim Card

How To Get Puk Code For My Sim Card. Pick up your hand set (mobile) into your hand and insert your sim car into it. If it does not then just reboot the phone.

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Sign in on your mobile carrier's website to get the puk code; When you buy your sim card, it’s attached to a larger piece of plastic that you pop it out of. Do the same for 2 times.

If You Enter The Incorrect Puk Number Too Many Times, Your Sim Card Will Be Permanently Blocked And You'll Have To Get A New One.

To enter a puk code and unblock the pin, follow these steps: Enter the following code when prompted: Switch the sim pin feature off.

Do The Same For 2 Times.

Some providers let you see your puk when you log in to your online account. Enter your current sim pin and click done. This code is also available via customer service area of the operator's website you can.

Call Your Mobile Carrier To Get The Puk Code;

Did you get your puk code? How to use the puk code to unlock your android's sim card inserting the pin code incorrectly three times in a row disables your sim card. I have replied your pm.

Go To Settings > Security > Set Up Sim Card Lock.

The cellphone will prompt you to enter the puk number (personal unblocking key) when a blocked sim card is inserted. After a successful verification, the company executive provide you a new puk code. The puk code is unique to your sim card, so you can only get this from your mobile network.

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When You Buy A Sim Card, It Comes In A Piece Of Plastic With Information About The Mobile Carrier.

Your actual sim also has a series of numbers printed on it. Entering the wrong code can permanently damage your sim card. There you will find the pin code and the puk code (later on we will talk about it).

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