Review of the Slot Machine, “Pets Go Wild”

Israeli studio Skillzzgaming has released another innovative game with Pets Go Wild. Pets Go Wild is a match-3 game with a real-money gambling twist, highly influenced by casual gaming legends like Bejeweled and Candy Crush yet freed from the notions of what a casino game is and should be.



Join Dexter the dog, Fred the fish, Parker the parrot, Katie the cat, and Robin the rabbit on their wild escapades from the beach to the moon in Pets Go Wild.

Information on the Slot Machine Game “Pets Go Wild”


Pets Go Wild is not your standard slot game, but then again, neither are any of Skillzzgaming’s other offerings. Any player familiar with the genre of match-3 games should know what to do.


The goal is to click on clusters of three or more identical symbols to remove them from the 7×7 grid. This triggers a cascading effect, much like the ‘cascading reels’ in a classic slot machine. Hopefully, as blocks fall, fresh matching groups are formed and the combination may continue. When all possible actions have been taken, play is reset and a new wager placed.


There are eight separate chapters in Pets Go Wild, each set in a different location. While all eight chapters provide the same rewards, those after the first (Beach Day) feature progressively more free spins and sometimes even their own minigames to keep players engaged.

Please describe the Pets Go Wild characteristics.


Since the game’s RNG still decides what icons fall into the grid next, even the “skill-based” icon-matching action in Pets Go Wild leaves a lot to chance, although the game’s many features may be used to increase your earnings.


Festival at Sea

You may earn Event Stars by clearing stars from the grid or by gaining experience through the game’s leveling system. With 5 of these stars, you’ll enter the Cruise Event bonus round, which awards a 30% multiplier to all winnings during the 10 Cruise games and introduces a unique 777 icon that pays out 1000x your wager (1300x when we throw in the 30% bonus) whenever it appears.


Multipliers for Character

One of the game’s five protagonists corresponds to each of the five sorts of symbols on the field of play. The following table lists the respective payment multipliers for each of these characters:


Multiples of ten for Robin the Rabbit, five for Fred the Fish, two for Parker the Parrot, one for Katie the Cat, half a dog for Dexter.

You can earn a reward according to the number of stacks of their symbols you gather. If you acquire one stack of Dexter icons and two stacks of Robin icons, for instance, you will win 21 times your wager.


Theme, Visual, and Sound Design

The graphics and overall idea of the Pets Go Wild video slot machine are quite well done. There is a distinct cartoonish style to the artwork, and a great deal of care was put into every element. As you go through the game, you’ll unlock new levels with their own unique visuals, settings, and data. There are a total of 8 chapters, but none of them change the sound effects. Even if the aesthetics are well-executed, I would have appreciated more variety in the writing.


Synopsis of Reviews for Our Pets Go Wild

Pets Go Wild’s puzzling play is only one example of Skillzzgaming’s original take on the casino game. Pets Go Wild is a great example of the developer’s design and gamification skills, and it’s a must-play for anyone who’s tired of the same old casino games.



Superior originality and implementation.

Modern, clean visuals

Consensus-building skill-based gaming

The 1300x win multiplier seems low. The audio might use some work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pets in the Wild

A definition of Pets Go Wild.


Skillzgaming’s Pets Go Wild is a hybrid between a match-3 puzzle game and a kind of gambling in which players may win real money.

What are the rules for Pets Go Wild?


In Pets Go Wild, you get points by erasing rows of 3 or more identical icons in order to fill up one of 5 different multipliers. Prior to running out of moves, you can increase your payment by matching a set number of that icon kind.

Just what is the Return to Player for Pets Go Wild?


Pets Go Wild claims a return to player (RTP) of 95 percent. Since Pets Go Wild is not a slot machine, the RTP cannot be calculated in the same way as for a slot machine game.






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