Overview of the Slot Game Sonic Links! Looking for something that goes beyond the realm of ‘online slot’ and into the realm of great art with a gambling component? If that’s the case,

you may want to avoid the software company Just For The Win’s Sonic Links at all costs. Sonic Links is so unoriginal that it borders on self-parody. Sonic Links seems more like effortless innovation than fourth-dimensional pranking, thus it’s quite doubtful that Just For The Win was going for a comedic tone when they created it. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!

To begin with, Sonic Links is a visually unimpressive fruit-themed slot machine, with a boring patterned backdrop and a standard five-reel gaming screen. There is a grid with four different reward values next to it, and the overall color scheme is quite purple. We’re not against fruit machine-style slots in principle; in fact, Pragmatic Play released a slot called Fire Strike 2 around the same time, showing that the genre is viable if the developer puts in even a little bit of work. Sonic Links is as generic as it gets, which is a shame considering how much potential it had. At the very least, we can only hope that Just For The Win didn’t try very hard. This is cause for concern if they did.

Maybe they prioritized gameplay above visual polish and packed the game full of innovative additions. In a minute or two, we’ll know more. Let’s take a look at the figures for now, beginning with RTP. The maximum return in Sonic Link is 96.06%, the volatility is rather high, and wins happen at a rate of 29.45%. Any gadget will do for a sonic strike, and players may choose from 20 percent to £/€50 every spin.

This gaming board has 25 fixed paylines for getting combinations of 3 or more of a kind across its 5 reels and 3 rows. Cherry, lemon, grape, plum, bar, star, 7s, and diamond symbols are the game’s standard payout icons. Payouts for winning lines of five of a kind range from 1.5 times the wager up to 40 times the bet for a line of five wilds. Wilds can replace any regular pay sign and can have sizes ranging from 1×1 to 1×3.

Slot Machine Sound Connections

The Link & Win bonus game in Sonic Links awards the four shown prizes, and the game also has free spins.

Booming Free Turns

Spinning the Sonic Free Spins wheels is triggered by landing three scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. 10–25 free spins are awarded after the first wheel spins, and 2, 3, or 5x multipliers are awarded after the second wheel spins. During free games, the win multiplier is applied to all line winnings. Players are awarded an additional equal number of free games if three scatter symbols appear during the feature.

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When 3, 4, or 5 Coins appear on the reels simultaneously during the main game, the Echo Chance feature is activated. Players can increase their odds of activating the Link & Win function by using the Echo Chance. However, the Link & Win function will always activate if at least 6 Coins are spun in. In Link & Win, you get three free spins to begin with, and any more Coin symbols that appear will begin a fresh spin count. The coins that remain in view reward either a monetary value or one of three prizes: the Big (25x the bet), the Major (80x the wager), or the Mega (300x the bet). In any case, the Sonic reward, worth 5,000x the stake, is awarded if all slots on the grid are filled with Coins while playing the feature.

Conclusions from the Slots, Featuring Sonic Resources

We waited there, waiting for the joke to be revealed, looking at the screen “like a dog that’s just been shown a card trick,” as Bill Hicks described it, after the trial run was over and done with. Sonic Links was boring at first, and it just got worse from there. There is nothing seriously wrong with it in terms of its technical or numerical aspects; but, the combination of its subject, features, and gameplay is entirely lacking in imagination or originality.

We racked our brains trying to think of a complimentary comment to add to the feedback box, but came up empty. Other than a catchy music, Sonic Links doesn’t really have anything going for it. The overused fruit motif, along with the same old features, leaves one wondering, “What was the point?” If you’re looking for a passion project, Sonic Links is the antithesis. A team of programmers might throw something together on a Friday afternoon so they have something to turn in on Monday morning. Having a Link & Win function and a 5,000x top reward were the only conditions placed on the game’s administration. Other than those constraints, the crew was at liberty to use their own creativity to fill in the gaps.

Well, not really, because Sonic Links lacks any originality. It reminds me of the kind of mediocrity Just For The Win struggled with in the beginning before breaking free to create better playable slots. Well, it looks like their shared mediocrity has brought them back together. It’s possible that some gamers enjoy this formulaic experience; if so, it’s great news for them. But Sonic Links was so dull that playing it seemed like we were on the edge of a creative black hole that was sucking all the fun and excitement out of making games.






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